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GET F'ED UP(Fitness, Endurance, Drive)

Updated: Jan 11, 2019

No matter whats your fitness preference, this is a community where you can learn, teach or just watch but i promise, you want leave out the same. As you take your first big steps that will bring in strength and clarity to your mind, body and soul we welcome you.

How to get "Ripped" quick

Here is 8 steps to to getting lean and ripped.

1. Supplement with L-Carnitine

2. Cut out the Pig outs

3. set hard but achievable goals

4. A good nights rest will always be of great help

5. In take more protein

6. Sneak in some intense intervals between work out routine

7. believe it or not but slow down on the liquid calories (protein shakes)

8. When the going gets tuff just hang in there its worth every drop of sweat.



we know its not always easy to chase your dreams and goals, but we round up the motivation tips, speech, music etc you need to help keep you going and pumped to the end. Stay focus- Stay humble and move forward...

Happy blogging!

There’s so much you can do with in 24 hours. Get started now!

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